Have a question to know how a website works in many places?

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Want to understand how a website works? Let’s discuss how the website works today.
The answer to the question how the website works is very simple. Just like you, I have room to stay, a website needs ′′ web server ′′ to be active online on the internet. Webserver has full website data, files and content together.
When we search our computer or mobile web browsers without writing any domain in ′′ Google Chrome “,” Opera Mini “,” Mozilla Fire Fox ′′ or other browsers, the internet connection helps with the full data of the domain name or website. Files we see in our ′′ web browser Because a website’s domain name is directly connected to a website server.
So through any website’s domain name and an internet browser we can view any website’s content on our own mobile or computer.
Nowadays our website is exposed to many interesting and modern people due to the use of modern technology, more modern beautiful coding language JavaScript, Python, PHP, CSS.

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